Our Food Journey

From Farm to Bowl

In 2020, when the Bestvenn story began, we soon discovered that many owners, like ourselves, struggled to find food for their fussy dogs. Because of this we made it our mission to create a food that was loved by all.

Since our journey began, we've been on a journey to improve our recipes and enhance palatability. With the help from a team of pet nutritionists and scientists we we're able to develop a food formulated with fussy dogs as the main target. This was the start of our Semi-Moist Roast Chicken fussy dog food.

Once the food was developed we undertook a doggy focus group to put it to the real test. The feedback received from the groups was extremely positive and loved by over 95% of the testers!

Why not give it a try and tell us what you think...

Fussy Dog Food

Semi-Moist Roast Chicken Dog Food


Semi-Moist Roast Chicken Dog Food