Our Values

We are dedicated to providing the most scrumptious food for our furry little friends.  That's why we created Bestvenn.  It's developed from the word 'Bestevenn' which means best friend in Norwegian.

The love between a pet and their owner is unbreakable.  We want to develop this further and provide a product where love is rooted through every step from supplier to customer.

As pet lovers and owners, we understand how much they mean to us. Pets are at the core of all families and that's mirrored here at Bestvenn. We believe they should be treated like family and receive the best possible products.

Our Mission
To support, provide and care for pets whilst remaining environmentally friendly to lengthen the life of the world we play on. 

Our Vision
Strengthening the bond between a pet and their owner through quality products which provide love and care to help lengthen the life of a pet.