How to get my fussy dog to eat their food?

Fussy eaters are all around us and we speak to many customers who struggle with this problem every day. Fussy eaters are generally more common in smaller/toy breeds such as Pomeranians, Poodles, and Chihuahuas who live a more relaxed lifestyle. This is because they require less calories that we think to fulfil their days.

As humans, eating the same meal everyday would be a difficult one to stomach but it is fundamental to the health of your dog. We understand this can easier said than done so if you are struggling take a look at our tips on how to encourage them to eat. 

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Choosing the right food

Despite what some owners may think, dogs will normally not starve themselves from food in general. It can be easy for owners to worry and switch their food to some home cooked human food which they usually will eat. This is the worst thing you can do to help the situation. Dogs are clever and they will remember this behaviour, knowing that if they refuse their own food for long enough, they could be offered an unhealthy alternative. 

Even if your dog refuses the human food, it could mean they are just not that hungry. They could have had a lazy day or eaten too many treats. 

If you are struggling to find the right food, our Semi-Moist Roast Chicken food has been specifically formulated to provide your dog with all of the nutrients they need whilst adding some extra ingredients to enhance palatability. Feeding your dog solely human food means your dog doesn't get all the nutrients they require to be healthy which can result in health problems in their later life.

Get them into a routine

Feeding your dog should begin to run like clockwork, twice a day, morning and evening. Make sure your whole household understands this and avoids feeding them any titbits or treats throughout the day. Dogs can be sensitive, and their feeding routine can be thrown off by the smallest of changes, such as an early dinner because you are going out, or having friends over. Make sure you start a routine and stick to it, be honest with yourself and your dog. 

Too much switching

Owners who chop and change their dog's food after one or 2 meals can be doing more harm than good. Switching too frequently, can upset a dog's stomach and digestive system which is why we would always suggest gradually transitioning their food. Your dog won't get bored of eating the same food for each meal and keeping it the same is better for their stomach. 

Other tips to you can try 

  • Stop hand feeding them and try to get them to eat on their own accord, they know that you will do it if they hold out long enough. 
  • Mix some gravy into their food to add a little flavour.
  • Put water in the bowl and microwave it to soften it up. This can be better for dogs who suffer from teeth problems. 
  • Some dogs don't like the texture or reflection of a stainless steel bow, switch it to a ceramic or plastic and see if this helps. 
  • Make mealtime fun - purchase a interactive feeding toy to help with mental stimulation and enhance the reward of them receiving their food. 
  • Warm it up - microwave their food to enhance the flavours and increase the appeal. Make sure it isn't too hot and can burn their mouth. 

Why is my dog a fussy eater? 

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